Limited Edition USA Boobypack

The Limited Edition USA Boobypack – a freedom-themed sports bra with pockets. Nothing says America like a red white and blue rack spangled in stars and stripes!


  • Micro mesh lining that wicks away sweat
  • Removable padding for added shape
  • Double, adjustable, racerback straps for added support
  • Reinforced, water-resistant, zipper-enclosed pockets on either side that can fit your cash, ID, smartphone and even your passport
  • Elastic sewn into the hems for durability and stretch retention
  • Our logo imprinted on the back so you know your bra is a certified Boobypack
  • NOTE ON SIZING: The fit of the Boobypack has more to do with the size of your frame than the size of your chest. So if you're a 32 C, go with a small (.)(.)
* There are unknown health risks of keeping a cell phone (which emits non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation) so close to ones breasts. We recommend turning your cell phone off when stashing it in your Boobypack just to be safe OR using a Pong Protective case, now sold on The Pong case shields your body from up to 95% of cell phone radiation and strengthens your cell phone signal up to 27%. 

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