About Boobypack- The one and only fannypack for your rack

The Boobypack is a fanny pack for your rack. (AKA a motorboat tote, mammary camry, rack pack... you get the idea.) A patented sports bra/crop top with zipper-enclosed, water-resistant pockets on either side, the Boobypack keeps your valuables safe so you can worry about more important things, like fist pumping or eating GU or how the heck you’re gunna dismount from that guy’s shoulders in a graceful fashion. It’s perfect for the gym, music festivals, sports games and traveling because the pockets are big enough to fit a passport and sleek enough to hide it. Huffington Post calls it the ultimate cheeky solution to the "stash-your-stuff dilemma" and we concur. #Boobypack4lyfe #BelieveInYourSHELFIE (.)(.)

C.C., our founder, like many ladies before her, used her bra as a purse when she couldn’t bring a bag. This posed a problem. Whenever she went for a run or to a music festival or out dancing, her stuff would either fall out or get ruined by boob sweat. In January 2013, she set out to solve this problem, save lives (of cell phones) and liberate America’s better half from oppressive purse strings once and for all (!) by launching... a Kickstarter campaign. After doubling her fundraising goal, C.C. quit her editorial day job and started churning out rack packs full time. In February 2014, she showcased the Boobypack on the Katie Couric show, winning her $10k prize for female entrepreneurship. The following February, she pitched her business on abc's SHARK TANK and after getting three offers, secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran!

For more info or if you have any questions or concerns, drop us a line on our "Contact" page. OR if you want to reach out to C.C. directly and ask her about her #LeftShark tendencies (a la Katy Perry’s Super Bowl sidekick) email her directly at CC@boobypack.com