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20% off Boobypack for Electronic Beach Goers!

Use the discount code at the bottom of this post to get 20% off your Boobypack– just in time to sport it to EB this year! We're really excited about our new partnership with everyone's favorite beachside festival in the Hamptons. Strange Talk, members of Thievery Corporation, The Chainsmokers and our own lovely Bpack Angel duo, SBND are headlining the event so it's sure to be a blow out. Pre-sale tickets have sold out but you can still purchase passes by clicking here. Can't wait to see you all there! 


Instagram is a Never Nude

It’s time to address Instagram’s prudeness.

Don’t get me wrong, we here at Boobypack love/are addicted to the platform but let’s be real. If Facebook is the cool older brother in a Patagonia fleece at the dinner table, Instagram is the little sister with a turtleneck and earmuffs on. We say this with a hint of bitterness because  yes, Instagram, won’t permit the hashtag #boobypack. #bpack is fine, but #BOOBypack?? Oh no, that would scare the pants off poor little never-nude Instagram.

So the next time you upload a picture of a #Boobypack just remember to shush yourself and hashtag #bpack. We don’t want Instagram to feel uncomfortable. (.)(.)

Boobypack makes its TV debut with Miles Fisher!

So we're pretty excited over at Boobypack HQ today because a USA Boobypack is going to be featured on Miles Fisher's new comedic web series- BAD SPORTS WITH CHAD WHIPPLE (premiering on LOUD (http://www.youtube.com/loud) on Wednesday, July 10th!) Yes, Miles Fisher of the MAZN "This Must Be The Place" cover which made so many teenage girls fall in love with him. Yes, Miles Fisher of the dark eyebrows and strong hairline seen in J.Edgar, Mad Men, Gossip Girl and Final Destination. What. A. Stud. 



See below for pictures on set and remember to tune in to LOUD (http://www.youtube.com/loud) on Wednesday, July 10th to find out why this mustached man is sniffing a Sharpie... 








Prefixes suck.

 Attention Boobypackers! An important grammatical event occurred this past weekend that deserves your attention: the “pre” in “preorder” has been deleted once and for all.

It’s an important milestone for Boobypack, one that lifts us up into the annals of prefix history. Like the day Bush decided to mispronounce words, or the time Daft Punk decided it was better to get lucky than be unlucky or the time Justin Postbieber became Justin Bieber, we have discovered that PREordering Boobypacks is not half as fun as ordering them.



Bpack lights up Governors Ball

In between dirty wellies and rain frizzled hair, a Boobypack emerges. Triumphant. Electric. Bold. Does its owner care that she's standing in a fairly large puddle? No. Does she care that her friend is trying to "tap that"? NO. All she cares about is flashing her ray of Boobypack sunshine and lighting up Governors Ball 2013 for all to see. You go Glen Coco.

This is us celebrating


Only three days into our site's launch and the Boobypack Angels and I are celebrating. Why? Because Google Analytics tells us that 2 people in Indonesia and someone in Kazakhstan have visited Boobypack.com! The first phase in Boobypack world domination starts today. 


Welcome to Boobypack.com! You're trusted source for all things... Boobypacky. We hope you continue to spread the rack pack gospel and visit us often for information on Boobypack limited editions, sponsored events and fashion spotlights.

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