Boobypack Angels Keep it Casual at Coachella

See these angels dressed as the Libra Scales (she's a good sport) and Cancer Crab by pledging to our Zodiac Boobypack Calendar campaign here




Angel (left): Sabrina Burda

What she's wearing: Wildfox one piece, J Brand jean shorts and a Hipanema bracelet

We'd pair it with: The USA bpack, duh. 

Angel (right): Catie Straut

What she's wearing: Current Elliot shorts, American Apparel top, Calvin Klein bathing suit 

We'd pair it with: The Stephania Boobypack. We love how both these angels are sporting bathing suits- a practical choice when Skrillex's tent is 110 degrees. What's more practical? A Boobypack. Beat the heat and keep your valuables close to your... other valuables. 

Christina Conrad
Christina Conrad


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