Boobypack Angels (from left to right): Sabrina Burda, Catie Straut, Avery Carpenter

Boobypack Angel: Sabrina Burda

Occupation: Event planning guru and International DJ (She's the 'SB' in SBND)

Concert: EDC

What she's wearing: LF top, Brandy Melville shorts and Oakley shades

We'd pair it with: The Ellie Boobypack (its straps would look great with the pink pops of color in those tie-die shorts)


Boobypack Angel: Catie Straut

Occupation: Assistant Editor at Elle Magazine

Concert: EDC

What she's wearing: Current Elliot shorts, American Apparel top, Stella McCartney bra and Dollar Store sunglasses

We'd pair it with: The Autumn Boobypack (the Autumn would pair well with the pale pink shirt/short combo- adding just the right amount of color and contrast)


Boobypack Angel: Avery Carpenter

Occupation: Researcher at the Katie Couric show

Concert: EDC

What she's wearing: J Brand jean shorts, tie dye Urban Outfitters tank, Warby Parker sunglasses and Kerastase shampoo

We'd pair it with: The USA Boobypack (Pairing American flag print with tie dye is a classic choice- a la Dazed and Confused) 

Christina Conrad
Christina Conrad


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