Mark Your Calendars

Today is the day Boobypack becomes your go-to festival fashion blog. Before you head off to Burning Man or SHM’s “last concert,” we want you to turn to our site and ask yourselves WWABAD? (What Would a Boobypack Angel Do?) Yep, here is where you’ll find outfit inspiration (not that you need it- you gorgeous raver you) for just about every concert under the sun. 

Boobypack Angel: Hannah Khashoggi

Occupation: Executive Administrator in the jewelry industry

Concert: Coachella

What she's wearing: Crop top from American Apparel, Hippie skirt from Haute Hippie and a candy cigarette (of course!)

We'd pair it with: The Jeni Boobypack (its powder blue straps would look so cute peaking out of that crop top)


Christina Conrad
Christina Conrad


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