Our Custom Widget is FINALLY Finished!


Our custom Boobypack widget is up and running and begging to be used, like Ana Steele in 50 Shades of Grey.

Just press the "customize" button to get started. You can choose body color and piping color. You can upload a logo and slap on some text. You should feel powerful, dominant, Christian-Grey-like if you will. The jiggle ball's in your court.

And if you don't see the colors you want, just email us at custom@boobypack.com. We've made metallic, striped, even Croatian flag custom rack packs before so nothing is off limits, just like Ana's body.

Before we go back to our (umm) reading research, we thought we should remind you about the #BpackCustomChallenge.


To recap, in order to win a Boobypack Bash* (thrown by angels) for 200 of your closest friends in your city this Spring, do the following:

Step 1:
Order custom Boobypacks or Tankinis BY FEBRUARY 9TH, 2015.
Step 2:
Instagram a picture of your group wearing said custom packs with the hashtag #BpackCustomChallenge.
Step 3: 
Win an insane party at your college or city for you and your friends and be the coolest kids on the block. Winning photo must kill it in the following 2 categories: Creativity and badassness. Winner will be chosen March 30th.
Enjoy the widget. Spread the word. And don't stop believing in your shelfie.  
The Boobypack Lady

Christina Conrad
Christina Conrad


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