The Tankini (And FREE expedited shipping!)

The Tankini: 

Some might say it's the burka of swimwear, the bikini's modest
(and single) cousin, the anti-cancun.

But we know better.


Just like Ginger Spice before us, we know that the tankini hugs our shape and makes  us want to be referred to as Victoria Vixen or Cecilia Sexpot.

We know that, when  paired with the right red platform boots, the tankini makes us want to get jiggy with  it. That's why TODAY (June 27th) you will be able to buy the first ever Boobypack  Tankinis– guaranteed to turn heads and make Baby Spice spit out her lolly.

So that you have a chance to get your USA Tankini before our Nation's B-day party kicks off, we're offering FREE expedited 3-day shipping when you enter in code: GingerSpice at check out. (Place your order by Monday the 30th to ensure delivery by the 4th!)

Now go out there you devilish Boobypack Angels and Spice Up Your Life.




Christina Conrad
Christina Conrad


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